LSAT Reading Comprehension

The LSAT contains one reading comprehension (RC) section. In recent exams, the section consists of four passages of 400-500 words, one passage each related to law, arts and humanities, physical sciences, and social sciences, with 5-8 questions per passage for a total of 26-27 questions out of 100-101 total.

In June 2007, LSAC introduced a "comparative reading" structure for one of the four passages. Comparative reading presents the examinee with two short passages with differing and/or complementary perspectives on a topic. The two passages combined are approximately the same length as the removed passage.

Below, we have organized these tasks in the relative order you should master them, essentially our free LSAT Reading Comprehension book. However, the Zen LSAT analyzer's algorithm is built to make sure you practice on the tasks that will most efficiently improve your score to your potential, so it is a far better guide to build your self-prep. We're working to get introductions and explanations up for each question type, so check back if what you're looking for is not ready, yet.

StrandTypeSectionPredicted # on Modern Test
Passage Structure Main Idea RC 3.0
Passage Structure Primary Purpose RC 1.6
Passage Structure Overall Organization RC 0.5
Passage Structure [Passage Piece] Function RC 1.3
Explicit Evidence Passage or Author Says RC 2.9
Explicit Evidence Expert Says RC 0.4
Explicit Evidence Meaning of or Referring to RC 1.6
Explicit Evidence Mentioned by Both RC 0.7
Evaluating Evidence Additional Info Strengthens RC 0.6
Evaluating Evidence Additional Info Weakens RC 0.7
Evaluating Evidence Evidence For or Against RC 1.0
Evaluating Evidence Refers to [Piece] in Order to RC 1.7
Opinion and Tone Passage or Author Implies RC 1.7
Opinion and Tone Expert Implies RC 1.0
Opinion and Tone Attitude on [Piece] RC 1.0
Extrapolation Would Agree About RC 2.7
Extrapolation Most Supported by Passage RC 1.7
Extrapolation Application of or Analogous to RC 2.2
Extrapolation Continue Argument RC 0.7
StrandTypeSectionPredicted # on Modern Test
Passage Type Expository RC 6.4
Passage Type Two Passages RC 4.5
Passage Type Opinion RC 4.7
Passage Type Debate RC 4.5
Passage Type Transition RC 6.8